Sunday, January 24, 2010

Dancing Thru My Mind....JJ

Then, there's my baby. His name is Jeffrey Jason but nobody knows that. Everyone just calls him JJ. Oh,my. How do I begin to describe JJ? Let's just say that everytime I see a movie starring Jim Carrey I get the feeling that when JJ was born I had twins and one was taken from me and became a movie star. The other one grew up as the baby of the Cox Family. He's my funny one, he's my trickster, he's my one who sees humor is lots of things I think are stupid, he's my leader, he's my "people magnet," he's also my dependable one.

His disposition has been a blessing for him as he has searched for his niche in life. After trying out several career choices in business and coaching he felt called to the ministry. He is now the head youth minister at a very large church in the Houston area. He loves what he does and his ministry has grown by leaps and bounds. He is a magnet for young teens; they communicate easily. He loves being able to have a positive influence in the lives of young people. (They, too think he might be Jim Carrey's long lost twin!)

JJ married his college sweetheart and they live near Houston. His wife teaches in a private pre-school, and they have three beautiful children. The oldest son is in the fourth grade and the main word that comes to mind when I mention him is SMART. He loves basketball and tennis. Their youngest son is three and was sent to JJ to make him have to pay for all that he did when he was that age. Their daughter is in the second grade and has a problem...she looks like her mother, blonde, blue-eyed and pretty but she acts a lot like her daddy. Could be trouble down the road. She loves to dance. We are so proud of our baby boy and the path he has taken and the responsibility he has shown. He has a beautiful family and a good life.

Hope you enjoy the picture I made of JJ using paper from the kit "Instant of Time" by Zalinka and elements from Rainy's kits "Dark Elegance" and "Family Love."

Dancing Thru My Mind...Kyle

Next in line among my memory makers is my guy Kyle. What great memories of him dance thru my mind at night. He's my big guy...they are all pretty good size, but he's my grizzly bear with the big soft heart. It's hard to believe that someone as strong as he is can be such a softy when it comes to matters of the people he loves. He is my stong one,he's my "I'll take care of it, don't worry about it" one, he's my one you call in times of trouble, he's my one with the great big laugh, he's my opinionated one, he's also my dependable one. Look at the look of love on that face. Can you not tell just by looking that he would "lasso the moon" for you if he loved you? He would.

Kyle is a police officer in a medium sized town and he is the one you want on your side. You definitely do not want him opposing you! He has been an officer in the same city for nearly 20 years and he and his lovely wife live outside of town in a small community of about 150 people! They love being outside and away from the crowds. His wife works for the government dealing with Medicade and he has three wonderful children. His oldest (24) is working on a degree in Criminal Justice at McLennan College in Waco. He also holds down a full time job as a manager of a rental store, and is engaged to a beautiful girl he plans to marry in April.
Kyle's youngest son is a Freshman in high school and is on the varsity football and basketball teams. His daughter is a junior in high school where she is an honor's student, starts on her school volleyball and basketball teams and was a homecoming queen nominee this past football season. What a wonderful family Kyle has. We are so proud of him as our middle son.

Hope you like the picture I created of him using bits and pieces of kits from Rainy's kits "Dark Elegance" and "Family Love," Kubivet Scrapbooking and Crafty Scraps kit "All About Chocolate."

Dancing Thru My Mind.....Troy

Next in line among my memory makers are my three sons. Didn't they have a TV show about that at one time? Oh, well...I've got them and they are definitely reasons why my mind will not shut down at night and let me sleep. I have fantastic memories of these three sons that "dance thru my mind" on a regular basis.

The oldest of the three is my son Troy. Maybe he's a cat...I think he has nine lives and it's scary buy he's already used up about three of them. He has had three heart attacks, all of them serious and one of them nearly fatal. As a result he now has five bypasses that assures him of brand new plumbing (no guarantees, but certainly lots and lots of strong beliefs that the worst is behind him, and his other six lives will not be used up any time soon.)

He's my outdoor man, he's my lover of all creation, he's my "Call me if you need me, Mom," he's the one that wants you to visit and let him make you feel at home, he is also my dependable one. And just look at that smile and those eyes. Don't they melt your heart? That smile is always there and just ready to surface at the slightest word. And don't you just love the wrinkles at his eyes? They were put there by years of smiling. He lives in the country with his wife and three children where he can be outside as much as he likes. He owns his own business, his wife teaches Special Education classes at an elementary school, his oldest daughter is a junior in high school and loves to dance, his middle child is in the sixth grade and loves softball and basketball and his youngest daughter is in the second grade and also loves softball. All three girls show animals in various stock shows. They are a great family.

I hope you enjoy the picture that I created for Troy using mostly Kubivet Scrapbooking paper and elements. There are also elements from Rainy's kits Dark Elegance and Family Love.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Gailey...Dancing Thru My Mind

Then, there is my youngest daughter, Gailey. She, too is right up there at the top when it comes to beautiful memories that dance through my mind and keep me awake at night. What delightful memories we share! She's my cheerleader, she's my "let's get it done" one, she's my mediator, she's my event planner, she's my organizer, she's also my dependable one. She is also my beauty. Just look at that smile. It's always there and once you see it, you can't forget it. She teaches Home Economics at a large high school where her husband is the head coach. She is the mother of four beautiful children who are all active in and excell in sports. Her oldest son is the starting quarterback for the high school team and plays varsity basketball. Her daughter is a freshman in high school and plays volleyball and basketball. The next son is in the seventh grade and is the starting quarterback for his school team, and is a starter on his seventh grade basketball team. The youngest son is in the first grade and he plays anything he wants to play!! Gailey is a great mother and her husband is a great father. I am so proud of all that she has accomplished. She keeps me awake nights and she makes me smile. And, here is her scrapbook picture that I created using Rainy's kits...Dark Elegance and Family Love.

Shannon...Dancing Thru My Mind

When it comes to beautiful memories that dance through my mind and keep me awake, my oldest daughter Shannon is right up there at the top. What beautiful memories we share. She's my redhead, my volatile one, my dependable one, my take-charge one, the one you can count on in a life and death situation. She's my beauty. She's a single mother of two children and the Nurse Manager of the Operating Room at a large hospital. One of her children is a college sophomore at Texas Tech University and the other one just this last month received a nomination to the Air Force Academy from Senator Chet Edwards. She is independent and has done a wonderful job rearing her two children alone. I am so proud of my first born child. And here is the scrapbook picture that I have created from Rainy's kits...Dark Elegance and Family Love. Hope it brings a smile to your face.