Sunday, January 24, 2010

Dancing Thru My Mind....JJ

Then, there's my baby. His name is Jeffrey Jason but nobody knows that. Everyone just calls him JJ. Oh,my. How do I begin to describe JJ? Let's just say that everytime I see a movie starring Jim Carrey I get the feeling that when JJ was born I had twins and one was taken from me and became a movie star. The other one grew up as the baby of the Cox Family. He's my funny one, he's my trickster, he's my one who sees humor is lots of things I think are stupid, he's my leader, he's my "people magnet," he's also my dependable one.

His disposition has been a blessing for him as he has searched for his niche in life. After trying out several career choices in business and coaching he felt called to the ministry. He is now the head youth minister at a very large church in the Houston area. He loves what he does and his ministry has grown by leaps and bounds. He is a magnet for young teens; they communicate easily. He loves being able to have a positive influence in the lives of young people. (They, too think he might be Jim Carrey's long lost twin!)

JJ married his college sweetheart and they live near Houston. His wife teaches in a private pre-school, and they have three beautiful children. The oldest son is in the fourth grade and the main word that comes to mind when I mention him is SMART. He loves basketball and tennis. Their youngest son is three and was sent to JJ to make him have to pay for all that he did when he was that age. Their daughter is in the second grade and has a problem...she looks like her mother, blonde, blue-eyed and pretty but she acts a lot like her daddy. Could be trouble down the road. She loves to dance. We are so proud of our baby boy and the path he has taken and the responsibility he has shown. He has a beautiful family and a good life.

Hope you enjoy the picture I made of JJ using paper from the kit "Instant of Time" by Zalinka and elements from Rainy's kits "Dark Elegance" and "Family Love."

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  1. J.J. has always been a force to be reckoned with. A mind of his own, for sure, when he was little! He has a sincere, dedicated heart and I appreciate his spiritual growth. You did a fantastic job with his tribute and scrapbook page!