Friday, January 8, 2010

Shannon...Dancing Thru My Mind

When it comes to beautiful memories that dance through my mind and keep me awake, my oldest daughter Shannon is right up there at the top. What beautiful memories we share. She's my redhead, my volatile one, my dependable one, my take-charge one, the one you can count on in a life and death situation. She's my beauty. She's a single mother of two children and the Nurse Manager of the Operating Room at a large hospital. One of her children is a college sophomore at Texas Tech University and the other one just this last month received a nomination to the Air Force Academy from Senator Chet Edwards. She is independent and has done a wonderful job rearing her two children alone. I am so proud of my first born child. And here is the scrapbook picture that I have created from Rainy's kits...Dark Elegance and Family Love. Hope it brings a smile to your face.


  1. How beautiful, LK! I love your oldest like my own and your lovely scrapbooked page and great description of her has, indeed, brought a "smile to my face!"

  2. What a beautiful way you have of writing. You can be proud of both these girls, I could take lessons as a mother, can't wait for the next bio.. hugs Rainy