Sunday, January 24, 2010

Dancing Thru My Mind.....Troy

Next in line among my memory makers are my three sons. Didn't they have a TV show about that at one time? Oh, well...I've got them and they are definitely reasons why my mind will not shut down at night and let me sleep. I have fantastic memories of these three sons that "dance thru my mind" on a regular basis.

The oldest of the three is my son Troy. Maybe he's a cat...I think he has nine lives and it's scary buy he's already used up about three of them. He has had three heart attacks, all of them serious and one of them nearly fatal. As a result he now has five bypasses that assures him of brand new plumbing (no guarantees, but certainly lots and lots of strong beliefs that the worst is behind him, and his other six lives will not be used up any time soon.)

He's my outdoor man, he's my lover of all creation, he's my "Call me if you need me, Mom," he's the one that wants you to visit and let him make you feel at home, he is also my dependable one. And just look at that smile and those eyes. Don't they melt your heart? That smile is always there and just ready to surface at the slightest word. And don't you just love the wrinkles at his eyes? They were put there by years of smiling. He lives in the country with his wife and three children where he can be outside as much as he likes. He owns his own business, his wife teaches Special Education classes at an elementary school, his oldest daughter is a junior in high school and loves to dance, his middle child is in the sixth grade and loves softball and basketball and his youngest daughter is in the second grade and also loves softball. All three girls show animals in various stock shows. They are a great family.

I hope you enjoy the picture that I created for Troy using mostly Kubivet Scrapbooking paper and elements. There are also elements from Rainy's kits Dark Elegance and Family Love.

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  1. Troy is the one that reminds me SO much of my own son, David. They have so many of the same characteristics it is sometimes hard to tell which one I'm looking at! Troy is a wonderful young man, great father and son and a sweet, sweet "nephew" to me. You have done a great job with his tribute page here on "Dancing...".