Sunday, January 24, 2010

Dancing Thru My Mind...Kyle

Next in line among my memory makers is my guy Kyle. What great memories of him dance thru my mind at night. He's my big guy...they are all pretty good size, but he's my grizzly bear with the big soft heart. It's hard to believe that someone as strong as he is can be such a softy when it comes to matters of the people he loves. He is my stong one,he's my "I'll take care of it, don't worry about it" one, he's my one you call in times of trouble, he's my one with the great big laugh, he's my opinionated one, he's also my dependable one. Look at the look of love on that face. Can you not tell just by looking that he would "lasso the moon" for you if he loved you? He would.

Kyle is a police officer in a medium sized town and he is the one you want on your side. You definitely do not want him opposing you! He has been an officer in the same city for nearly 20 years and he and his lovely wife live outside of town in a small community of about 150 people! They love being outside and away from the crowds. His wife works for the government dealing with Medicade and he has three wonderful children. His oldest (24) is working on a degree in Criminal Justice at McLennan College in Waco. He also holds down a full time job as a manager of a rental store, and is engaged to a beautiful girl he plans to marry in April.
Kyle's youngest son is a Freshman in high school and is on the varsity football and basketball teams. His daughter is a junior in high school where she is an honor's student, starts on her school volleyball and basketball teams and was a homecoming queen nominee this past football season. What a wonderful family Kyle has. We are so proud of him as our middle son.

Hope you like the picture I created of him using bits and pieces of kits from Rainy's kits "Dark Elegance" and "Family Love," Kubivet Scrapbooking and Crafty Scraps kit "All About Chocolate."

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  1. And Kyle, there is so much about Kyle that you can love and enjoy! His humor and laughter keep me smiling and, like you said, I feel I could call on him for anything. Love him and love your tribute to him here.