Monday, February 1, 2010

These two people dance thru my mind Mom and Dad. They are the ones who gave me everything that I ever needed to succeed in life. We were not wealthy, but we were rich in love and friends and family. They showed me what love is all about, they didn't have to say a word. Oh, the memories...peach cobblers, pecan pies, pot roast after church on Sundays, friends over after church on Wednesday nights eating peanut butter and crackers, the house full for every holiday, the table groaning from the food on top, Daddy picking up pecans, cracking pecans around the table with Daddy, Mother's quilts, the sound of Mother's sewing machine always making something new for me or Judy or Peggy or Ann, or my girls. Oh the memories that dance thru my mind. I miss both of them every day since they have gone from me, but I know that when I need them they are still always there. I can feel them when my heart is heavy...they comfort me. I can feel them when my heart is light...they laugh with me. I am who I am because two people fell in love and continued to love for a lifetime.

This layout was made from pictures made during World War II. Daddy served in the Army overseas and Mother served at home. Hope you enjoy this layout. It was made with love.

The top picture is a portrait of my Mom and Dad after they had been married for fifty years.


  1. What a great blog! I really enjoyed it...unexpected tears sprang to my eyes when I first opened the page!!

  2. A beautiful tribute to our beloved Irene and Raymond! They were such forces in our families' lives they will live forever in my heart.