Saturday, February 6, 2010

Dancing Thru My Mind...Brittany

As I sit here and post this note tonight, my oldest grandaughter sits at my dining table writing a paper that is due on Tuesday. What a warm, fuzzy feeling it is to have her here with us for a weekend visit. She is my oldest daughter's only daughter and she spends a lot of time "dancing thru my mind." She is a sophomore in college and far enough away from home that she doesn't get to visit anyone very often. She keeps my mind busy wondering if all is going well, if she is happy, if she is studying, if she is having a good time, if she is meeting lots of people who will be important to her for the rest of her life, if life in general is treating her with kindness. Lots of nights with no sleep; however, she seems to be handling this process of growing up quite well. She knows that everything is not always going to go her way and when she gets down, she bounces right back up. When she is happy, she is positively giddy. Love to hear her laugh. Love to watch her eyes sparkle. Love to have her here with us as often as possible. She is my determined one, the one who thinks she knows exactly where she is going and what it is going to take to get there. She is an independent thinker and doer, and I feel certain that she will make all the right choices. We are proud of our oldest grandaughter. She is everything a grandparent could hope for.

Please enjoy this scrapbook page that I created for Brittany using an "orange flower" quick page by Rainy and BoHo Teatime Papers by TMG Scraps. Thanks to these artists for creating such beautiful material with which I am able to make these fun scrapbook pages.

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  1. Brittany is so beautiful, inside and out. She has always been so sweet and kind to this "old auntie" and I can see why you are so proud of her. Her determination and her spirit shine in those beautiful eyes.