Saturday, February 20, 2010

Dancing Thru My Mind...Brock

My daughter just called and was on the way to take her youngest boy to T-Ball practice. So, this seemed to be the perfect opportunity to post his picture on my blog and talk about him just a little bit. Let me tell you, when Brock dances through my mind I have to be wide awake because if I am drowsy I will miss him. He is on the go in a a great big hurry all the time. If he slows down, he's asleep! What a delight! His Dad is a head football coach and Brock is the baby brother to two brothers and one sister who are all totally involved in, baseball, basketball, volleyball,track, name it, somebody is doing it. And right there with them is BROCK. He doesn't miss a game. He has been on the football field or in the stands at a sporting event since he was born. People at a football game may not know what the score is, but they can tell you how many times that little boy has kicked the football and run after it along the sidelines. He doesn't know anything but hectic! And now, he is becoming the player! He has started T-Ball and after that comes all of the rest. Soon the brothers and sisters will be sitting in the stands watchiing him, and here's betting that will be a real spectacle.

Along with all of his action he has the sweetest disposition, and just look at the his Mom's. And he loves you. It doesn't matter who you are or what you look like, he just loves you and if he has a cookie and you don't have one he will share his with you. Never meets a stranger. He steals hearts. So proud he is my grandson!

Hope you enjoy this scrapbook page I created for Brock. I used some papers and elements from Scrapping Sisters. They have cool stuff. Thanks for stopping by and meeting Brock.

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  1. A perfect picture and description of a great kid! He is all that you say he is, LK, and I love to be in his presence. Love the scrapbook page. You did a good job.