Monday, February 22, 2010

Dancing Thru My Mind...Shelby

Oh, here comes another of my wonderful granddaughters dancing through my mind. This one comes on little kitty cat paws. With her beautiful smile, she quietly slips into the margins of my mind and before I know it, I am caught up with wonderful thoughts and memories of the quietest of my grandchildren. I'm not sure I have any really quiet grandchildren, but Shelby is the quietest of the loud. When all of the grandchildren are together, she is totally happy to be a part of whatever happens to be going on at the time, but she is equally happy to be by herself reading, on her computer, or working on some artistic project. She loves her time alone in her room, which by the way is ALWAYS neat and clean. (She may be the only one of the fifteen that I can say that about.) She is one of my independent little country girls, and like her sisters, she loves her animals. That love extends to butterflies and her room reflects that fact.

I think I have a special bond with Shelby. It's not something tangible, just a feeling. She is so appreciative of anything that I ever do for her no matter how small, and she always finds a way to gently let me know that she is wearing a shirt that I bought for her, or she shows me a card that I have sent to her. She remembers the little things. It's nice. Besides her animals, Shelby is loving her sports. She plays softball and basketball and is quite good at both sports.

And what a splendid young lady she is becoming. She is growing up so fast. She just went to her first school dance last week. Before long it will be her Senior Prom and then she will be spreading her wings and flying like the butterflies that she admires so much. I love my little country girl. I know that as she grows and matures she will be able to make the choices necessary to allow her to travel down the path that she chooses to follow. Who knows where that path may lead. It makes my heart swell to know that she is my granddaughter.

I hope you will enjoy this page I created for Shelby. It was made using papers and elements from CLO-De Colores Kit. A great kit with lots of beautiful material. Thanks for peeking in and taking a look at the people and things who are constantly dancing through my mind.

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