Sunday, February 7, 2010

Dancing Thru My Mind...Stone

Before I go to bed tonight, I want to share this picture of my grandson, Stone. He is Maggie and Jake's big brother and he was sharing in the joy and excitement of snow in Texas. Stone is the oldest son of my youngest son and what a wonderful, wonderful young man he is...He is so smart, so thoughtful, so tender, and with such a great humor. He dances thru my mind always. I smile as he finds his place in my mind. I smile at the things he says...way too clever and deep for a person of his age, I smile at the way he takes charge and wants to make sure that everyone is getting their chance, I smile as he listens so intently to what you are saying and then asks questions that are difficult to answer, I smile when I see him play basketball...he gives it everything he has. He just makes me smile. He plays tennis as well, but like Maggie's dancing, I have never been able to watch him play. One of these days.......

This is a picture of Stone with the taste of snowflakes upon his tongue. Again, he and his brother and sister were totally in awe of that beautiful, cold, white softness that was floating from heaven. The wonder of it all!

Share a smile with me as you look at this scrapbook page. It was made with papers and elements from Kubivet and Rainy. Wonderful designers.

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  1. Stone is a treasure! I love your snow pictures and it's perfect to show how Stone is full of joy and excitement at being at the lake during these days of snowy weather.