Sunday, February 7, 2010

Dancing Thru My Mind...Jake

This cold, wet, blustery day here in North Texas just seems like the perfect time to post some pictures of some of the grandchildren in the snow. We don't get the opportunity to have snow pictures very often, so these are especially special. This first post is my youngest grandson, Jake. Oh, Jake! What a delightful creation God made in this child. He is busy, busy, busy, constantly curious, has the bluest of blue eyes, and the most endearing way of saying "Grandma." Just melts a grandma's heart. He dances thru my mind regularly, those blue eyes shining and that mischievious mouth smiling all the while. These dances are pure waltzes, no worries. He is still so innocent and I know that all of his needs are being taken care of by his wonderful parents. And, besides, his other grandparents live near by so when he needs something besides his Mom and Dad, all he has to do is say, "Grandma." That grandma can't resist him either. How great it is that he has her and his other Grandpa there so close.

This picture was taken when we had a couple of inches of snow. That's a lot here in Texas. The children were loving it. Being from Houston, snow is extremely rare, so they were able to enjoy it with all of the childish pleasure you can imagine...except for Jake. He said, "It's too cold to play outside. Going in the house!" He was content to sit at the window and watch his brother and sister run and play in the winter wonderland.

Hope you enjoy this scrapbook page of Jake in the snow. And of course, I had to include those baby blue eyes. This page was made with papers and elements from Kubivet and the snowman comes from Candies Creations. They both do beautiful work that makes it easy to do these fun scrapbook pages.

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  1. Of all of your grandchildren, I think Jake is the one that most looks like our Gailey side of the family. He is so cute and happy! I love that you have put only his eyes in a special frame at the top of this page. Love your scrapbooking!