Sunday, February 7, 2010

Dancing Thru My Mind...Maggie

I'm not through with snow pictures yet. This one is of my youngest grandaughter, Maggie. She is Jake's big sister. Don't you love this picture? It's one of my favorites. Just look at the pure joy showing through those bright eyes and beautiful smile. She was showing me a big icicle that had formed on a Christmas ornament. She was in total awe, "Look, Grandma...look at that great big piece of ice hanging from your roof! It's so pretty!" Oh, the innocence and wonder of a child. Is it not a beautiful thing? Too bad it is gone so soon.

Our Maggie is a beautiful child who comes dancing thru my mind in ballet slippers. She loves to dance and does it quite well. She just had her first ever solo ballet performance and from everything I have heard she was outstanding. She dances through my mind as I wonder about her dance recitals. I have never been able to see her dance and that bothers me a great of the disappointments of living so far away. But, I have seen pictures and heard rave reviews and there is no doubt that she will be a great dancer. Like I mentioned earlier, she has the best of both of her parents...looks like her Mom but acts like her Dad! Should make for an interesting combination as she continues to grow into the teen years.

This scrapbook page was created with papers from Kubivet and papers and elements from Rainy's Candycane Dreams. Such wonderful things they create! So talented.

Hope you smile with Maggie and me as you enjoy this page.

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  1. Maggie looks so cute inside this great, big pink ornament! She's a beautiful child and her personality is clear in this neat scrapbooked page. Great job, LK.